Spanish on your Plate

Learn Spanish, love Latin American food!

Come and join us!

One hour Spanish lesson by local and renowned Spanish teacher Carolina Graterol followed by a delightful lunch with a Latin American twist by Venezuelan chef Belkys Ledezma. You will want to repeat the experience!

We will offer you a 14 week course to learn more about Latin American culture by exploring different countries and tasting the food from the main regions in this fascinating continent.

An unique approach on Language learning!

Course starts on the 24th of September and runs every Monday 12:30 to 2:00PM from Muswell Hill. Limited numbers.

Max number of people (Class): 6
Requirements: Lessons in Muswell Hill
Experience and Qualifications: 20 years of experience. PGCE ftom Institute of Education
Standard lesson duration: 90 min
Lesson locations:
Tutor's home
Student's home
Other location