Longevity & Wellbeing Lecture online - ShiFu Paul Tavares

I am a leader of empowerment and holistic health. I have received awards from many organisations for my mind body emotion and spirit work using my unique modality of therapy in the United Kingdom & India.

I can help you easily overcome food cravings, depression, frustration, worry, doubt, anger and fear and find love, joy, happiness and fulfilment in all you do. I give therapy sessions, one to one sessions, classes, courses, seminars both online and sometimes in person work on any of the below wellbeing modalities.

Date and time of class: TBC
About me: Stress Management, Empowerment, rejuvenation & Holistic Healing Expert of the Subconscious Mind & Energy Work. Qualified in many disciplines in the UK & India and very experienced.
Lesson locations:
Tutor's home
Student's home
Other location
Other locations: Devices like Skype for online seminar projection