Power Meditation

I integrate my own combination of healing therapy in all sessions and comments have always been positive with repeat sessions every so often in my london & surrey clinic.

Our universe is teeming with constructs that are truly fascinating at the physical and energy level. And information is presented and represented in so many intelligent ways, over and over again. This energy can be channelled in so many ways.

At a very basic level, we often observe that a pointy object can leave a dent in something soft more easily than something flat and rounded objects can move more freely over a surface than those that are rough. So shapes find purpose in the world we live in, so too do particular symbols. The Chinese system of Feng Shui has been deeply rooted in creating better flow of energy and the health of buildings by arranging the geometry of the building and the objects within it, as well as the types of objects and where they are displayed.

About me: I am an international leader of empowerment wellbeing and holistic health. • In 2018 awarded ambassador of peace from the mayor of Croyden for mind body emotion and spirit and energy work using my unique mode of therapy in the United Kingdom. • I can help you manage food cravings, depression, frustration, worry, doubt, anger and fear using Reiki healing. • I can help you put your energies in the right state to find love, joy, happiness and fulfilment in all you do and attract the right people and situations into your life. • I give therapy sessions using Reiki, NLP, mindfulness, chakra healing, spiritual healing and other modalities still unheard of in the west.... A unique blend you will enjoy• I can also help with any physical pain stress and stiffness within the body. And, on the spin side, this can be a deeply spiritual experience. I work in london, surrey and operate from an amazing professional facility. I can also offer online sessions.
Requirements: none
Experience and Qualifications: certification in several healing modalities
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