Power Meditation Course Paul Tavares - Positivity Joy Happiness

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The poison of negative thoughts…negative seeds can easily spiral out of control. Many people are plagued by the pathology of negative thought patterns that lead them to dark places which they cannot escape. The stress of negative thinking can cause us to age faster and develop damaging habits. This can further fill the cup of negativity within us at a subconscious level.

Paul Tavares’ Power Meditation teaches users how to create restorative energy and control the way you think and feel. You will learn new techniques that will help you protect your mind & emotions by cultivating many energies including the power of discipline. These amazing techniques will help you eliminate worrying thought processes that you are dwelling upon. Negative behaviours can be eliminated once we explore the root cause. All worries, feelings of sadness, envy, fear and anger can be blasted away and substituted for confidence/beneficial energy. Become powerful, vibrant and confident by cleansing your being today.

Max number of people (Class): 10
About me: I am a qualified scientist & Alternative health pratitioner with expertees in exploration of the subconcious mind. I work in London and many other parts of the world.
Lesson locations:
Tutor's home
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