French speaking practice

In this class I will help you with queries you may have around french as a foreign language. The class is aimed at non native french students preparing for exams (specifically speaking and listening) or simply looking to improve their french skills to show off next holiday.

Max number of people (Class): 1
About me: I am a fluent speaker of both french and english, I have lived in London all my life, but went through the French education system (I did do the British French exams). Hence I am well aquainted with the French language and culture.
Requirements: Simply be prepared to learn and take on board creative criticism.
Experience and Qualifications: French education till GCSE level~A* French GCSE~A* AS level~Currently studying for French A level
Standard lesson duration: 1 hour
Lesson locations:
Tutor's home
Student's home
Other location
Other locations: Askew Road library