Information about Skillville



At Skillville we believe that you should never stop learning. Leaving School, College or University, doesn't have to mark the end of being taught new skills. Finding something difficult? Want to self improve? Or perhaps try something completely new? Here at Skillville we have built a community to make lifelong learning easy and affordable. Browse through our tutor's lessons to find something that suits you at the right cost and with a friendly tutor. 

Why Skillville?
  • Person to person instruction allows lessons to be curated for your exact needs and enables you to ask questions throughout.
  • Our reviews allows you to compare tutors to ensure you get the best instruction.
  • Our calendar system gives you tutor availability at the touch of a button.
  • Secure payments using PayPal or Stripe take away any need for complicated transactions or cash. Your payment will not be released to your teacher until the lesson is complete. 


Why is teaching confined to classrooms at Schools, Colleges and Universities when everyone has knowledge that can be passed on to others? At Skillville we have built a community where you can teach anything in a relaxed environment that suits you. From putting up a shelf to an introduction to computer programming, from rock climbing to teaching how to cook easy every day meals, this is the place for you to start sharing your skills.

Why Skillville?
  • Access to a whole new community of students.
  • An opportunity to teach something that you wouldn't have been able to before.
  • Build your online presence and reputation with our online reviewing system.
  • Our calendar system allows you to easily manage your time and bookings.
  • Secure payments using PayPal or Stripe take away any need for complicated transactions or cash. You will receive payment as soon as your lesson is complete.