Evening dinners at home for beginners

Do you struggle to think of something quick, easy and healthy to cook at home during the week that won't cost a fortune?

I'm a keen home cook and I can help you think of meals that will be perfect for that midweek panic.

I will teach you how to build up your meal using basic ingredients that you will have lying around and will also teach you some useful techniques for prepping food, creating flavour and presenting on the table.

Although I don't have any formal qualifications, I have been cooking fresh foods since I left home a decade ago. My friends love coming round for dinners at my house and I often cook with my housemates meaning I pick up new skills and recipes all the time.

I normally teach lessons in my kitchen but I would also be very happy to come to you.

My lesson fee covers the cost of any food I purchase for the lesson.

Experience and Qualifications: A decade of feeding myself fresh meals with lots of flavour.
Standard lesson duration: 1-3 hours