De-stress with YOGA NIDRA and PRANAYAMA

Yoga Nidra translates as the “Yogic Sleep”. It has been used by ancient yogis as a way of entering a profound state of relaxation, equivalent to several hours of deep sleep. The physical, emotional and mental aspects of a person become refreshed within a short time while a sense of ‘letting go’ takes place naturally. Yoga Nidra is very effective in re-programming one’s own attitude and response to life, where our consciousness functions at a deeper level of awareness. I am an experienced teacher and I have taught breathing techniques (Pranayama) and Yoga nidra for many years. By focusing on the breath and alternating the rhythm in a gradual way, one experiences an expansion of consciousness and a greater sense of vitality. You can benefit from the first session, but a course of at least 5 sessions is recommended to really appreciate the scope of these ancient techniques.

Experience and Qualifications: BWY qualified teacher, and 30 years experience in teaching
Standard lesson duration: 1 hour
Lesson locations:
Tutor's home
Student's home
Other location