Healing online with energy worker Paul Tavares via skype

A mind body emotion and spirit healing session with me will help combat a range of issues including depression overcoming cravings, worry, physical pain and any barriers life presents.

Max number of people (Class): 1
About me: • I am an international leader of empowerment wellbeing and holistic health. • In 2018 awarded ambassador of peace from the mayor of Croyden for mind body emotion and spirit work using my unique mode of therapy in the United Kingdom. • I Will help you easily overcome food cravings, depression, frustration, worry, doubt, anger and fear. • I will help you find love, joy, happiness and fulfilment in all you do. • I give therapy sessions using Reiki, NLP, mindfulness, chakra healing, spiritual healing and other modalities still unheard of in the west.... • I hold one to one sessions, classes, courses, seminars both online and sometimes in person work on any of the below wellbeing modalities. • Taichi Chigong Kung Fu, Karate, Kalari, Intuitive energy work, Reiki, Pranic healing, Unionised energy work, Haka healing, Yoga, Neuro linguistic Programming and Mindfulness meditation.
Requirements: None
Experience and Qualifications: Qualified in numerous energy disciplines, deep level meditation and disciplines that calm the body mind and spirit including NLP
Standard lesson duration: One hour
Lesson locations:
Tutor's home
Student's home
Other location
Other locations: Therapy rooms in various locations