Online taichi and chigong sessions with Shifu Paul Tavares

Learn basic taichi and chigong exercises for good health and wellbeing from taichi chigong and kung fu master Paul Tavares.

Max number of people (Class): 1
About me: • I am an international leader of empowerment wellbeing and holistic health. • In 2018 awarded ambassador of peace from the mayor of Croyden for mind body emotion and spirit work using my unique mode of therapy in the United Kingdom. • I Will help you easily overcome food cravings, depression, frustration, worry, doubt, anger and fear. • I will help you find love, joy, happiness and fulfilment in all you do. • I give therapy sessions using Reiki, NLP, mindfulness, chakra healing, spiritual healing and other modalities still unheard of in the west.... • I hold one to one sessions, classes, courses, seminars both online and sometimes in person work on any of the below wellbeing modalities. • Taichi Chigong Kung Fu, Karate, Kalari, Intuitive energy work, Reiki, Pranic healing, Unionised energy work, Haka healing, Yoga, Neuro linguistic Programming and Mindfulness meditation.
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